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and may this new year brings you happiness ;D
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promotion expires on August 10!

thanks for your interest ;)
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commission closed!

Mon Jan 13, 2014, 7:48 AM

dang that was fast I received too many notes already! :"D



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commission open for 5 slots !

Mon Jan 13, 2014, 7:03 AM

Hi guys, I finally open new slots! I thought I could do this sooner but I didn't have much time for art at the end of 2013 ;w;
These are the people whom I have noted in my list, I hope you could confirm once more to me whether you wanted a piece from me or not.
1. TheSecondChild
2. epicart123
3. Edelweiss-x
4. Shamziel
5. shuuheei
6. darthmer-mer

now there should be more, but I've been losing track on the rest OMG I'M SO SORRY FORGIVE ME ;A; I'm such a horrible person ;_;

I'm opening for 5 SLOTS only. please note me if you are interested :')

make sure to read my commission info…
before we start on anything okay

thank you for reading :blowkiss:

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Journal Entry: Wed Jan 2, 2013, 11:04 PM
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I accidentally removed all of my correspondence messages without approving it, how do I undo this ?!! oisdfdfgsdfsd~

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I will do :
An environmental drawings/paintings. It could be a fan art or original concept art, with small characters inside it. So I wont do something such as :
veranda by Tomiokajiro
I'm sorry guys *v*~

these are examples of my commissioned works:

or, you can them check on my folder here:…

:bulletred:All prices start at $50USD, up to $65USD.
:bulletred:If I rejected your request, it means that I'm incapable to do your concept of art. It could be too complicated for me, or beyond my drawing skill/style.
:bulletred:I will not draw something perspective oriented such as buildings/indoor scenery. cityscapes is now acceptable but I will charge extra.
:bulletred:I will ask for your payment after I show you the initial sketch of the drawing. This will help me to specify how much you have to pay.
:bulletred:Payment method: PayPal only.
:bulletred: if you had idea of what title of your piece might be please let me know. I never actually titled my deviation, all taken from a song =p
:bulletred: Note me for further info ;)

Thank you for reading  :blowkiss:
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I haven't update my journal for a veerry long time so here's a movie recomendation for all of you.
I watched it last year on cable and it was the best Japanese movie I've seen so far! I normally acknowledge Japan for their great animation movie but this movie is exceptionally good! really. I highly recommend you to watch it :la:
plus, it has a great soundtrack such as Radiohead and Boris :heart:

Wiki page:…


watch online:…

I'm having an art break.

Sat Dec 10, 2011, 1:05 AM
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Hi guys! thank you for your all Bday wishes :blowkiss: this possibly the happiest moment I had this week, as I'm having a health issue.
About 2 weeks ago I woke up in the morning with an odd sensation in my right ear. for some reason it wont pop up and stuffy. the next morning it went away so I thought it was just wax.
on 5th Dec, it came back and it worsen by a strange noisy-robotic sound. whenever I or someone else talk I can hear another sound in my right ear saying the same thing only with Wall-e kind of voice.. and the worst thing is that all of audio sound out of tune. I cant hear my favorite songs normally again. I went to the ENT and the doctor gave me 3 kinds of medicine for 5 days.. sadly it has not stopped until today.
I also experience light vertigo, makes me hard to do anything but sleep. if anyone ever had the same experience with me, please tell me what to do. I need to get back to my normal life, or at least I hope I can listen to normal audio again. I'm a music addict, I cannot live without it!
By this I also announce my art break. right now I'm doing a piece for a contest and reeaally want to be able to finished it, but it's hard for me to draw without listening to music ;_;

I'll be seeing ENT again next monday, wish me luck~